Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kiril Petrenko: dual chief positions in Berlin & Munich starts 2019 until 2021

From Berliner Philharmoniker's official statement:

Kirill Petrenko will take up office as chief conductor and artistic director of the Berliner Philharmoniker in the 2019/2020 season. In the 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 seasons, Kirill Petrenko will appear as a guest conductor with the Berliner Philharmoniker, and in 2018/2019 he will conduct several concert programmes both in Berlin and on tour. With respect to his obligations with Bavarian State Opera in Munich, Kirill Petrenko will initially take on only a limited number of concerts during his first season as chief conductor in Berlin.
Ulrich Knörzer, member of the orchestra board: “The response in the music world to the election of Kirill Petrenko as successor to Sir Simon Rattle was overwhelming, so we are delighted that we now have a timetable for his taking office, and that we can present our future chief conductor to the Berlin public in all future seasons.” Martin Hoffmann, general manager of the Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation: “All of us at the Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation are looking forward to Kirill Petrenko. Special thanks go to the management of Bavarian State Opera, with whom we were able to reach an amicable agreement on all scheduling issues.”

This means the 2018/2019 will be the one official season for the Berliner Philharmoniker without principal conductor, since Simon Rattle will leave at the end of 2017/2018 season.
Until the end of August 2021 Petrenko will keep his position in Munich. In his last Munich season he will serve as guest conductor.
So much future plan, please let us not forget now is still 2015. Well, it's gonna be 2016 soon.

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