Monday, August 3, 2015


Welcome, dear readers. This new blog is built upon the ruins of my previous classical music blog. It's summer and I'm under the stress of exams, so maybe that's why the idea to reinvent this blog popped up in my head. I will travel to Bayreuth next week, my reviews will definitely be the kick-off for this new blog. In the future, my posts on this blog will revolve around important news about the productions in major opera houses in Germany/Austria and (in special cases) Europe, live stream of concerts or opera events, news about important personalities in the business, and also reviews of concerts or opera productions which I attend (mostly in Berlin & surroundings). The posts are definitely shorter than the ones in my previous blog. For the following weeks I'll write (hopefully) a lot about Bayreuther Festspiele & Salzburger Festspiele.
Long live the blog.

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