Tuesday, March 19, 2013

JOYCE DIDONATO: DRAMA QUEENS (Konzerthau Berlin, 07.11.2012)

It's raining DIVAS on Berlin. On a special concert in Konzerthaus, the Berliner were stoned by the beauty, elegance and the voice of the goddess Joyce DiDonato. Despite her very few appearances in West Europe every year, her concerts still meet good response, so that night.  

DiDonato was there to promote her new, amazing album: Drama Queens. From Monteverdi to Handel, BAROQUE would be the new word in any non-classical-music lovers' dictionary after hearing this album. Identical to the album, the concert is unbelievably amazing. Pure, fiery vocal on arias such "Da torbida procella" and "Col versar, barbaro, il sangue" meet her wonderful and passionate interpretation on Porta's "Madre diletta, abbracciami" or Monteverdi's classic "Disprezzata regina" from POPPEA.  

Led by Dmitry Sinkovsky, Il Compleso Barocco - one of the world's leading baroque-ensemble by Alan Curtis -  serves as an ensemble able to put fire and passion to classic baroque arias, as well as seldom-interpreted works. 

On the fashion side, the red multi-looks gown from Vivienne Westwood fits DiDonato very well. Another feast for the eyes. 
On the meet & greet session I got my album signed and was able to greet her and wished her all the best for the Echo this year. Or any other awards there are. Because DRAMA QUEENS stands as one of the two strongest baroque vocal album of 2012.
(The other one is Simone Kermes' DRAMMA in case you ask.)

Grab your own now and enjoy the 12-songs-long trip to heaven!
Rating: 10/10 

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