Monday, March 11, 2013

DONIZETTI: L'ELISIR D' AMORE (13.10.2012, The Metropolitan Opera)

It's the season opening of The Met in NY. Anna Netrebko stands for the second time as the 'Diva' to open a whole new season packed with goodies. Everyone's excited... but:
The first problem that I recognized after the production had ended is, the opera doesn't suit as a season opening AT ALL. Not only it's a repertoire from the previous season, it seems the Met management had fallen into the the evening or not. Oh well well well...

Netrebko as Adina shines as usual and proved that she's not only a diva for tragic, sad roles but also a lively one, capable of doing a dazzling spectacle and uplift the mood on stage.
Surprise of the night comes from our Dulcamara, Maurizio Benini, who shake the stage with his outstanding comical act and brilliant vocal technique. It seems the night belongs to him. 
Both gentlemen, lovers of Adina, have also tried so hard, indeed, but I can't help myself to score their performance as only "good - decent" and Met standard meets.
Anyway, it was a good night. Not so satisfying but anyway... A little comment about the live stream event: I thought watching an opera at the movies would be boring/weird, but it turns out to be "ok" - if it wasn't because of the "Windows warning" that popped up during a scene. Shame on you, projector man or whoever responsible for this. Those people at multimedia section of the operas should start to discipline themselves, because this 'live-stream' thing is probably the next best thing in the history of opera EVER.

Rating: 7/10
Netrebko and Benini were definitely the stars of the night, so you must give them an extra applause for selling this production. 

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