Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CECILIA BARTOLI: MISSION (Philharmonie Berlin, 29.10.2012)

My first time encounter with Bartoli isn't as pleasant as I thought: blame the stupid b**** on the box office for giving me bad seat on the last class, behind the stage - while many seats on the first class are still empty (not that much, but quite) - so I can't be able to hear Bartoli's voice clearly. The instruments are far far too loud... Shame on me with my box office ticket trick.
Even so, one thing is clear: BARTOLI is GOD-DESS! Her voice may be not as good as many years ago, as many believe and think so, she still stands as one of the best interpreters of our time. You deal with that. Whether it's on the striking opening "Schiere invitte", glorious "Mie fide schierre, all'armi", or even the classic and everlasting - Bartoli's own- "Laschia la spina", she's over the top. Heavenly voice, may Thou come bless these poor people... 
Diego Fasolis, a very intuitive leader of the night, is definitely a perfect companion for this MISSION project. With his creation, I Barocchisti, not only he was able to present the music in all of its sensitivity and authentic sound (important for such premiere project as MISSION), creativity gets in the way for the right moments, the right arias. Definitely based on Cecilia's idea, the "fight" between the vocal part and the trumpet post-aria "A facile vittoria" couldn't get any better. It's entertaining, musically challenging, in one pack.

Beside my depressing reality, sitting on the worst seat ever imagined - the concert is absolutely superb.
Rating: 9/10
Seat rating: To hell, you lady on the box office.

Concert photo from Wien (from Cecilia's official FB page)

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