Monday, March 11, 2013

BERG / Olga Neuwirth: American Lulu (06.10.12, Komische Oper Berlin)

Simply a fresh re-interpretation from one of the most beloved new music operas. With the 60's-70's American background and Lulu as African-American woman, this production offers the 'jazzy' yet darker edgier Lulu as ever before. Bravo to Marisol Montalvo for portraying Lulu with such care-free, yet dark and cold elegance that takes us deep into her world of intrigue and game of power. 

The real hero of the opera is definitely our Eleanor (Della Miles), who, with her husky voice and strong stage presence, becomes a true character of 'truth' and 'what's right' in Lulu's world. 

The opera got an extension  a prologue and additional third act, with music and content homemade by Neuwirth in 5 years time by Neuwirth herself. It is indeed very interesting to see Olga Neuwirth able to take the story of Lulu into a new, fresh level of story-telling, furthermore a deeper philosophy towards the inside mind of Lulu herself. There is no 'black or white', there are only longings and loneliness. 

Rating: 8/10

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