Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Monteverdi-Trilogy (16.09.2012, Komische Oper Berlin)


This production of three Monteverdi main operas is the first official product of Mr. Barrie Kosky as the Intendant of Komische Oper Berlin.

Festive, forest-alike set on ORPHEUS opens the premiere day. The celebration-theme and huge ensemble of singers and dancers helped creating a very fantastic atmosphere of the opera. 
Our "Orpheus", Dominik Köninger, lost his breath at some points, where he must do some stuff with the choreography. Hope he gets better in his role by the next plays. 

The second opera, ODYSSEUS, is more like an opean field, with chamber orchestra on both sides of the grass-field-alike main stage. 
The chemistry between Odysseus (Günter Papendell) and Penelope (Ezgi Kutlu) is very well built. The production is actually quite a success in presenting an alterante world for the story, even though the set is arguably looked cheap. 


The third opera, the politically explosive POPPEA, is quite a prodution. Basically, the stage only has a slide with rocks. Just a ORPHEUS, it used the same water pool on the front left side of the stage. It gives enough room for many scenes with huge ensemble. The atmosphere is empty and dark and again, arguably cheap.
The singers are mediocre, but as we know, the closing duet between Nero & Poppea is one of the most beautiful ever written.  

At some points it's mediocre, but the acting and the presence of "Amour" as a connecting character, played wonderfully by Peter Renz, between these operas made this (these) production(s) a grande big portrait of Monteverdi and signals much more worth-hoping from his intendancy in many years to come.
And he is WAAAAYYYYY better than Andreas Homoki. That one I can guarantee. 

De Ridder tried to be edgy, especially on "Odysseus" where he used a series of African guitar/lute(?)-like instrument to add the tribal/Arabic feel to the orchestration, but somehow didn't succeed. Well, after all he tried. Good luck and be better next time... I hope.

A spectacle and a must if you're a hardcore opera fan. If you're common people checking on this, ORPHEUS is still a must as the most entertaining of all three.

Rating: 7/10

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