Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nordlichter 2012 (28.09.2012, Radialsystem)

Initiated and led by Berlin's ow Marcus Hagemann, the festival Nordlichter is a podium for Nordic classical musicians and groups, as wells as composers, to display their works. 
I went there for their opening night and had some fun.

An installation from Timo Kreuser titled SCREAMS stood as the festival opening. It (said to) offers the artistic glanze at birth and death, also a reflection of middle point between 'silence' and 'scream'. For me, it's no music at all. So I won't review things Idon't like or understand even further.


THE REAL CONCERT happened afterwards. Olof Boman led the Danish National Vocal Ensemble for a highly philosophical yet musical concert. Moving aroung the theme of heavenly / spiritual peace (Haydn's "Vater vergib ihnen..." and Monteverdi's "Dixit Dominus" from Vesper 1610), the concept of the concert is clashed with such pieces that portray the war call based on religion (Thomas Jennefelt's "Dixit Dominus" based on the Psalm 110 and the speech of Pope Urban II in Clermont calling the men of the land to join the first holy wars). 
The ensemble gave their best performances and the soloists are the only ones you'll need for this.
Wonderful vocal and exactly the right repertoire. Can't ask for more. Well, thank you Mr. Boman.

Sonar Quartett gave an exquisite interlude "Lady Shalott" from Bent Sørensen that really fits the concert.

Rating: 8/10

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