Thursday, December 27, 2012

RIHM: Dionysos (Staatsoper im Schiller Theater, 10.07.2012)

Absurd, right? Weird, right? Creepy, eh? Kiddies, this is a lesson learned: never AND NEVER step your both feet on the wild, untamed, beyond your nightmare world of NEW MUSIC. and in this case, new music OPERA!

Anyway, I found the story line and philosophy idea of this piece very interesting. And the set, they are huge... this is quite a production. I must admire that, because usually the new music production are kinda like some 'meh' that's 'exalted' to a whole new meaning of interpretation, instead of coming with a confession: no one wants to put their money on this kind of art. 

Mojca Erdmann's doing good in the role dedicated to her (wow, such accomplishment for a young diva!) 
I myself definitely won't bite this biscuit the second time 'round, but YOU, new music fan, this is a must. A MUST. It's RIHM.

Rating: 7/10

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