Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Liederabend: ANNA PROHASKA (08.06.2012, Konzerthaus Berlin)

Anna Prohaska should celebrate 2012. Her sophomore album, due actually this fall, maybe postponed - BUT an Echo Award is waiting for her on 14.10 in Berlin. This 'Liederabend' is actually also a program to support (or to bridge the gap between her first and) her sophomore album. Moving around the theme/figure of Ophelia, the repertoire that night contains the works by Brahms ("Fuenf Lieder der Ophelia" WoO 22), R. Strauss ("Drei Lieder der Ophelia" op. 67), Berlioz ("La mort d'Ophelie"), and of course selected cuts from her debut.
Quite interesting, the moderator, Lars Eidinger  read a few lines from Shakespeare (yes, also "To Be or Not To Be") and Mueller between songs.
Prohaska's performance that night is very wonderful, I think a piano-vocal recital is one of her favorite (or strongest part too), assuming that she's chosen this kind of music - I mean, not a obvious choice of opera arias album with grand orchestra and renowned conductor - as her debut. Pianist Eric Schneider is on top, no critics. A wonderful night.
*One minus is: she didn't sing my favorite cut from Sirene, which is Schubert's "Des Fischers Liebesglueck". Oh well...

Rating: 8/10

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