Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Deutschland-Japan Freundschaftskonzert (24.06.2012, Philharmonie Berlin)

Why I can't find a single picture of this splendid event on the net?

A free concert always turns me off. Low class/obvious commercial repertoire, taking for granted audience, and the list goes on... BUT a miracle happened.

HIROSHI HOSHINA: composer of one of the works and also conductor that night

I personally think this concert is tremendous (as a free one). My personal highlights are the pieces from Japanese composers like "The Song of a Great Tree" from Toshio Mashima or "The Rebirth" from Hiroshi Hoshina. Other than that, the Waltz section (such as the overtures from "Die Fledermaus" and two encores that shake Philharmonie that night") is also very interesting.

Toshio Mashima: composer

Rating: 4/5

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