Friday, June 29, 2012

WAGNER: LOHENGRIN (25.04.2012, Deutsche Oper Berlin)

Musikalische Leitung 
Bühne, Kostüme 
Heinrich der Vogler 
Elsa von Brabant 
Friedrich von Telramund 
Der Heerrufer des Königs 
1. Brabantische Edler 
2. Brabantischer Edler 
3. Brabantischer Edler 
4. Brabantischer Edler 
1. Edelknabe 
2. Edelknabe 
3. Edelknabe 
4. Edelknabe 

What if I told you that today you can get a double treat. First, you will be amazed by the a**-kicking production of the new LOHENGRIN by Deutsche Oper Berlin. Second, you'll learn why Klaus Florian Vogt is the next big thing in this industry.

That night, the show was sold out. So lucky to get the ticket in last minutes, anyway everyone was every excited to see this, especially to see Herr Vogt, performing a Wagner role, his tradmark ever since Baden-Baden Festspiel.

The prologue scene, as pictured above, delivers just the right mood. Stillness turns into a huge soundless mourn. When you saw such opening, you know the whole night's gonna be great.

One question during the first act: why the king has not quite dignity? I mean, he sang loud, but it seems he didn't want to be there. Strange.

Lohengrin comes down  to earth in "swan" form... Gigantic stage effect. The first time I heard Florian Vogt, I just thought about one word: charismatic. I think the role suits him very much. Bravo! Bravo! The end of the first act is just a classic epic. 

The second act: lasers and cross. Three green laser-pillars stand on stage as Ortrud sings her solo aria. Chilling. A giant cross-like structure was built to create an upper room on stage. Later it represents the castle.

No, it's not plasma screen. It's actually a gigantic poster, just the same as many backgrounds created for this production. During the break, a huge black fabric, with a white-stylized "Lohengrin" word written on it, covered the front of the stage. Nice feature...

The choir "sends" Lohengrin back to the sky and the story ends. Everybody went home more than just satisfied. The whole stage thing is beyond good and Florian Vogt rocked the night. I thought the 'Elsa' also did a very good job, but I personally just can't connect to her character, so...

Rating: 9/10

p.s. Klaus Florian Vogt's HELDEN in stores now.

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