Saturday, April 14, 2012

POLNISCHE PATEN (Konzerthaus Berlin, 02.03.2012)

Wow, I can't believe my last post is in February - sorry been very busy lately. Anyway - do the catch-up! So beginning of March I went into a concert in Konzerthaus. No official title, but it has the name "Polnische Paten" on the website. 

Polnische Paten

Konzerthausorchester Berlin 
Mario Venzago 
Agata Szymczewska Violine

Carl Maria von Weber Ouvertüre zur Oper "Der Freischütz"
Sergej Prokofjew Konzert für Violine und Orchester Nr. 1 D-Dur op. 19
Ludwig van Beethoven Sinfonie Nr. 3 Es-Dur op. 55 ("Eroica")

Yup, yup. Mario Venzago was quite a strong reason to come. Even though I haven't heard anything 'bout the violinist - whatever - I go.
The concert went actually well. Mainly because of the repertoire. They're very very good, that I almost say "perfect". The highlight is definitely Beethoven's Eroica. Strange tough, because actually only Prokofjew's Violin Concert that's supposed to be the center. See the title "polnisch"... "Poland"... and a violinist from Poland! Man! 

Yes, I said the concert went very good. But due to the stuff above, it was also very strange. At the end of the day, even though I felt that these pieces don't match each other (to be put in a concert), the sounded very good simultaneously... Strange...

Ms. Szymczewska, in my opinion, played good - although not superb. 
On the other hand, because I sit behind the orchestra, Mario Venzago, the conductor, really became "my" center of attention (if not the whole audience's). Very energetic, lively...

He did put a lot of effort into it. Salute!

One more problem: the house that night wasn't really packed out. There was another "interesting" show on the Staatsoper, so you know where the whole city went to. Not on my side...
Damn, I hate it when the audience is on the low!

Anyway, a good repertoire and Venzago...

Rating: 7/10

Bonus: das Programmheft!

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