Saturday, April 14, 2012

*MUNICH SPECIAL* VERDI: OTELLO (Bayerische Staatsoper, 11.04.2012)

Otello: Peter Seiffert, Krassimira Stoyanova


Giuseppe Verdi

Arrigo Boito

Musikalische Leitung Paolo Carignani   

Inszenierung Francesca Zambello   
Choreographie Alphonse Poulin   
Bühne und Kostüme Alison Chitty   
Licht Mimi Jordan Sherin   
Chor Sören Eckhoff   

Otello Johan Botha   
Jago Claudio Sgura   
Cassio Pavol Breslik   
Rodrigo Francesco Petrozzi   
Lodovico Diogenes Randes   
Montano Goran Jurić   
Desdemona Anja Harteros   
Emilia Okka von der Damerau   

Bayerisches Staatsorchester
Chor der Bayerischen Staatsoper 

Can't believe I did this. Runaway from Berlin, they said. Go to Munich, they said. Ha, so I did! My original plan was actually to watch Turandot (if you live in Munich and still got a chance to see it, then go! I know that the new production is awesome!!!!), but didn't make it. I watched Otello.
Yup, I bought the ticket from the "unofficials" in front of the door before the show (locals know what I'm talking about) and I got a standing seat for 13 Euro. The price is a lil'... unfair, original 10 Euro, but I'm just a dumb tourist, right? (...No!)

The atmosphere is crazy. The people in Munich definitely love their oper. I guess the mood will always be good around here and it will always be (damn) full too! My appreciation goes to the 60/70-year-old-man who stood on the "fence" (or whatever it is) next to me, so he could watch. Yes, my place is on the highest floor, on the back. Hard to see, of course. Standing while watching, yup. Uncomfort, yes. Can't hear the voice, well, a little still, but meh...

So with all of these experience: I say - go book your ticket before going to watch operas in Munich! Or you will battle in blood to get one. Don't expect last-minute tickets. They're gone before you're near.

Giuseppe Verdi: Otello

So it's hardly to watch - and also to comment. All that I can hear is the cast did fantastic, the voice soars... I would be amazed, if only I sat on the first class or at least saw the stage better.
The set on the other hand, is quite simple and monotone. Yes, it's also quite complex but this opera also is not the one that needs a lot of "make up", right? 

Otello: Claudio Sgura, Pavol Breslik

Go watch it, er no, it's actually not playing anymore. Maybe next year... Maybe...

[No Rating of The Show, but I could rate my Standing Ticket:   -10/10 "very very bad"  ]

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