Saturday, February 18, 2012

MOZART: LE NOZZE DI FIGARO (17.02.2012, Staatsoper im Schiller Theater)

Die Hochzeit des Figaro

Musikalische Leitung Daniel Barenboim
Inszenierung Thomas Langhoff
Bühnenbild Herbert Kapplmüller
Kostüme Yoshi'o Yabara
Graf Almaviva Artur Rucinski
Gräfin Almaviva Dorothea Röschmann
Susanna Anna Prohaska
Figaro Vito Priante
Cherubino Christine Schäfer
Marcellina Katharina Kammerloher
Basilio Abdellah Lasri
Bartolo Maurizio Muraro
Barbarina Narine Yeghiyan
Antonio Olaf Bär
Don Curzio Paul O’Neill

It's magic.

When you got Daniel Barenboim conducting 1 meter in front of you, you just wanna cry. Still very energetic and lively while conducting - but I shouldn't have to comment the musical director of my city. WE know how good he is. Period.

The best thing of the night is: the whole thing just 'clicked'. There's no scene-in-a-scene (scene-ception!) or man on fire, but this classic interpretation (very classic for our time, indeed) just fits perfectly to what I and we expected from a production of Mozart's. 

The stars of the night are of course: The Divas. And I personally think that Christine Schäfer stands out for taking the castrato role, Cherubino. It's very interesting to see her shake off those diva-glitter and become a 'man' or 'boy' to be precise. Shout out also goes to Artur Rucinski for giving us an 'entertainment' - he simply played his role total.

The set. Classic and simple, but it's enough. It's quite interesting to see the small details on the wall or simply the furniture. And I love the way the actors use the very spacious stage. A little critics, I personally think the wedding scene is not quite 'wow' enough. It's too simple - and compared to the production in Deutsche Oper that I saw on a preview- it's a boo. But nothing's perfect anyway.

At the end of day, I MUST suggest you to buy your tickets and watch this. Especially YOU, who miss such a classic and elegant production in this very modern (sometimes, too modern it lost the charm) opera scene of Berlin.

Rating: 9/10

*I don't know why there are so few photos and not a single video from this season in the internet. But believe me, this season is far far better than the previous ones due to Barenboim and of course, the cast.

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