Monday, January 30, 2012

Weihnachtskonzert: Philharmonie der Nationen (01.12.2011, Konzerthaus Berlin)

Donnerstag, 01.12.11 | 20.00 Uhr | Großer Saal


Kammerphilharmonie der Philharmonie der Nationen

Volker Schmidt-Gertenbach

Christopher Tainton Klavier

Arcangelo Corelli Concerto grosso g-Moll op. 6 Nr. 8 ("fatto per la notte di natale")

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Es-Dur KV 271

Giovanni Battista Sammartini Sinfonie A-Dur

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sinfonie A-Dur KV 201

-Even before I have my own Classic Card, I already did watch a concert in December 2011. And yup, we got a discount from Groupon and instead 32,20 € - we pay only half of it. After a little problem before the concert (doesn't matter what), I got in and without much time to be amused by the interior of the Konzerthaus, the show started. This concert is originally supposed to be conducted by Justus Frantz BUT he was sick so some guy (?? sorry I can't remember the name, but I remember he is a -said to be- close friend of the supposed conductor) replaced Frantz. Quite a shame - maybe that's why they lowered the price?

Philharmonie der Nationen is a name I honestly never heard before. Shame shame on me, but I guess that's because this orchestra is only 15 years old. Very very very young, indeed. 
The whole concert it self is, sigh, nothing special, but not bad either. Guess it's one of those normal days... Honestly Tainton on piano didn't steal the public attention. He - in my opinion- simply tried too hard.

The whole repertoire was actually quite good though, but not taking the obvious-for-Christmas pieces. Two Mozart pieces combines with works by Corelli and Sammartini could have made this concert a solid grand Baroque Christmas that cheered the public, in fact it didn't happen. 
After all, what I know. Maybe it's just me who couldn't enjoy my first concert here in Berlin. Or blame the sick conductor?
So I must really say, to review this, it's very subjective. 
Cheers though to everyone on the stage.

I appreciate the "Air" by Bach as an encore, but please: that's not Christmas.

Rating: 6/10

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