Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mozart: DIE ENTFÜHRUNG AUS DEM SERAIL (14.01.2012, Schiller Theater)

Staatsoper Unter Den Linden im Schiller Theater

Conductor: Christopher Moulds

Director: Michael Thalheimer

Set Design: Olaf Altmann

Costume Design: Katrin Lea Tag

Chorus Master: Eberhard Friedrich

Bassa Selim: Sven Lehmann
Konstanze: Christine Schäfer
Blonde: Anna Prohaska
Belmonte: Kenneth Tarver
Pedrillo: Florian Hoffmann
Osmin: Andreas Hörl

Staatskapelle Berlin

»Diese zwei Stunden nahezu nackte Mozart-Musik haben, altmodisch ausgedrückt, ein Geheimnis, eine Aura …« (Der Tagesspiegel)

Yes, indeed. It'a very modern interpretation of Mozart, but also felt so dear to the original (in the play atmosphere, not in the production). The whole costume it's like a chic version of Vera Wang fashion show. Despite its simplicity, this opera rocks. 
Mainly beacuse of the strong performances of the soprans: Prohaska and Schäfer. Frau Schäfer has successfully conquered the difficult arias in this work, while the Blonde character came into life through Prohaska's interpretation. 

Dominant on black and white, this production used two "floors" on the stage to represent the Seraglio (Serail) castle. 

Simple and (sometimes) quite boring. We actually want to see the whole grand, castle set, and we got... nothing. But anyway, since the beginning, this is a very modern production. Does that mean a degradation - no comment.

Opened with Basa Selim standing on the upper stage, staring at audience, the whole opera depends on the singing performances and surprises during the whole 2 hours ans 10 minutes. Many dialogues are also translated to English, making this interpretation quite (ehm...) gangsta. 

Below is medium quality clip of what to-be-called the best scene of the night: the dialogue between Blonde and Osmin. Prohaska rocked the whole building. (Warning: contains implicit sex scenes)

Anyway at the end of the play, I enjoyed my two hours. It's full of eyes-and-ears fest and wows, so no complain. Even though it's a pity for the new season in May we've lost both our divas on the main roles. We miss you.

Plus, some little souvenirs from the night: the libretto book is very luxurious black-white-gold, filled with in-depth essays of the background and modern implementation of this Mozart's work of art.  

Rating: 8/10

And did I mention this is their thirtieth show after its Berlin premiere on 07.06.2009?
Keep up the good job!

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