Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Il Trionfo Del Tempo E Del Disingano

Conductor: Marc Minkowski

Director: Jürgen Flimm & Gudrun Hartmann

Stage design: Erich Wonder

Costume design: Florence von Gerkan

Choreography: Catharina Lühr
Light design: Martin Gebhardt
Dramaturgy: Ronny Dietrich & Detlef Giese

Bellezza: Sylvia Schwartz
Disinganno: Delphine Galou
Tempo: Charles Workman
Piacere: Inga Kalna

Les Musiciens du Louvre - Grenoble

An oratorio? Interesting, I've never seen anything quite like this before - we don't we give a shot? And that one shot, yup, is quite successful. Trying to be as modern and entertaining, yet quite classic, as it can be, the interpretation by Herr Flimm is more than just refreshing for this oratorio. Taking the set in a 1920's Parisian bar, the whole conversation about God and the world from Händel's very first oratorio is filled with eye-candies of real and surreal figures on stage. 

Yes, this is quite a massive production. From the number of actors to the costumes and properties. Don't forget the set and the whole technique on stage... 
Move to the cast. One thing I found quite 'nice' is how each character in this opera doesn't overcome each other. Oh, well at least in this interpretation. If I had to pick the highlight of the night, that would be our diva Inga Kalna portraying Piacere. The reason is quite obvious, first, she nailed the "Lascia la spina" (the most famous aria of this oratorio, later re-used by the composer himself as "Laschia ch'io pianga" in his 1711 opera Rinaldo). The second reasons is  her performance of "Come Nembo che fugge col vento" almost at the end of the play - ended with a blast, I mean real BLAST. See the last picture to go wow. 

Written by Händel during his Rome years, the oratorio centered on the battle of truth & time against the comfort in humans' conscience. Well, as the title said, truth and time won the fight and turning the main character Belezza (the 'Beauty' or can be interpreted as the 'human) in to nun. Yes, a nun. And they really dressed her as a nun, in this modern production. Viva Katolisismus!!!

Originally a production from Opernhaus Zurich, the 3-hour-play is premiered in Berlin on 15.01.2012, and my show is the fifth. By the next month, this opera will disappear from Berlin's scene and head to the next city (maybe).

And here is the libretto book, contains shots of a few scenes:

Rating: 7/10

And, like I said, the fire is totally under control and in purpose. Cherish the experience!

The Official Trailer below:

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